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Monday, 20 Nov 2017

In the fight against time the beauty laboratories present ausful tool. The Fruit Acids or AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy) Acids). They are found in apples, grapes, sour milk etc in a natural Form.

The use of acids is not a new idea. Acetic acid, nitric acid and salicylic acid are referred in the book of beauty of Harriet Hubbard Ayers in 1899, as factor which renovate and give glamour to the skin. The acids cause an irritation thus burning the tired upper layer of the skin. Of course today they are prohibited and only the salicylic acid is allowed to be used under the laws of European Union and under certain constrictions.

As in the decade of 1980 Retin A was the main factor in the fight against time, thus the AHAs are for the 2010 decade.

Ec. Stern in 1946 and D. Midleton in 1974 made a research on AHAs.

Eugene Van Scot discovered that fruit acids help dissolve the substance which restrains the extrernal layer of the sykin. The dead cells which are accumulated and can't be removed by themselves, do so by the use of fruit acids which dissolves the substance which keeps them together, therefore leaving a smooth vibrant and full of colour skin.

In 1991 Eugene Van Scot prouvs that AHAs don't cause photosensitivity as Retin A did before.

The basic AHAs are glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, which are found in sugar cane, sour milk, apples, grapes and lemons respetively. The most effective ones are the glycolic and lactic since they have 2 and 3 atoms of carbon and can easily penetrate.

The main advantages of the AHAs are the following:

  • They reduce the soft wrinkles of the face.
  • They extracts the dead cells giving a glamourous skin.
  • Stains due to age succumb and disappear gradually.
  • They help the skin acquire its lost humidity.

Cosmedia presents you its fruit acids:

  • AHA Gel 40% 200 ml
  • AHA Gel 20% 200 ml
  • AHA Gel 10% 30 ml
  • AHA Gel 5% 30 ml
  • Aloe Vera Gel 500 ml
  • Neutralizing Lotion 200 ml
  • The pH is low (ingreased acidity) and the AHAs are free in percentages higher than 95%, thus securing the utmost results.

The duration of the treatment is 6 weeks. If we have a sensitive skin it is then prolonged even up to 2 weeks.

First Week:

After cleaning and putting a lotion the area, we apply the AHA 5% for 5 minutes and we watch for any irritation. A. If we don't have an irritation we apply it starting from the boost and up. We do this with a brush. We leave it for 5 minutes and we begin to extract it with water. We have the eyes covered with a cotton wet with Aloe Vera Lotion. B. If we have irritation we put half deionized water in the AHA Gel.

We note down that the following steps AHA Gel 10, AHA Gel 20,AHA Gel 40, are applied. The Client takes AHA Gel 5,with her at home and applies it every morning and evening after, cleasing the face, and putting a lotion on top. The AHA Gel,is applied on all the boost and face. At the beginning you feel an itch which shows that AHAs act. The AHA Gel remains on theface and top we put the suncream during day time and at night a nourishing cream eg Cosmedia Renovating Cream.

Second Week

The same is done at the institute with AHA Gel 10 in the same way as in the AHA Gel 5. If an irritation appears we go on with AHA Gel 5,for the whole second week at the institute and at the same period of time at home.

Third Week

AHA Gel 20,is applied as with AHA Gel 10.We leave it for 5 minutes and we remove it in the same way as AHA Gel 10. If we have an irritation, AHA Gel must be removed with a Neutralizing Lotion. After the removal of AHA Gel, we apply Aloe Vera Gel for 5 - 10 minutes and we then apply the fruit Mask for 20 minutes. The client takes AHA Gel 10 with her at home and applies it morning and evening as she did with AHA Gel 5.

Fourth Week

AHA Gel 20, is applied at the institute as done the previus week. The client continues the application AHA Gel 10, at home.

Fifth Week

AHA Gel 40,is applied at the institute. In case of sensitivity we apply AHA Gel 20,and the treatment is prolonged for one week. The client goes on applying AHA Gel 10 at home.

Sixth Week

AHA Gel 40, is applied at the institute and at the same time she applies AHA Gel 20,at home.

Every 4 - 5 weeks AHA Gel 40, is applied at the institute and AHA Gel 10, at home every morning and evening for maintainance of the results. For very rough skins we can apply AHA Gel 40 for another two weekly visits at the institute.

Note down that AHAs are not applied on wounded skin areas. After the application of the AHAs we feel a little itching as if bitten. These sings that AHAs act and they don't last for long any way.

During the treatment we shouldn't apply a mechanic massage with peeling or a treatment with vitamin A. Finaly the client must know everythink about AHA treatment procedure before hand.


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